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Your child could be falling asleep in under 10 minutes and sleeping through the night in just 7 days. 

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Child Sleep Consultant

One Call Away

45 minute call with Jennie
Get all of your sleep questions answered and then "DIY" it! 

Get the specific answers you've been searching for about your child's sleep. Discuss room conditions, schedule, routine, and implementation. This is ideal for families that want a little guidance or recently started having issues with their child's sleep. 

Child Sleep Consultant

Concierge Sleep

7 Days of 24/7 Support
In our most popular package you will get

7 days of 24/7 unlimited phone, facetime, text, and email access to Jennie. She will coach you as bedtime happens with your earbuds in! Custom schedule, materials, and overhaul of everything related to your child's sleep. If your child's sleep hasn't improved in 7 days, you will get your money back.

Child Sleep Consultant

Home Visit Add-On

Available for NYC and surrounding areas other areas please inquire

If you want to add in person coaching, Jennie will arrive one hour prior to bedtime and stay until your little one is asleep. If you have multiple children, or are really anxious about sleep training, this add-on option is for you. Jennie is fully vaccinated.



I'm Jennie, and if it is 1am and you are awake trying to get your child to go back to sleep, please read on. 

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I am a toddler and child sleep specialist and founder of Tiny Duck Parenting. Along with a Bachelor of Science in Child and Adolescent Studies, I am a certified sleep consultant and behavioral specialist.


I have experience getting hundreds of children to sleep and am so confident in my method, that I offer a money back guarantee. In one week, we will teach your child how to fall asleep independently and sleep through the night. The first few days are the most challenging, but I will be on the phone with you, both of us with our earbuds in and I will coach you through every moment until your child falls asleep.

My career in sleep coaching began as I saw the desperate need families have for more quality time with their child, more time in the day and more sleep at night. I wanted to see how happily and quickly I could get toddlers and children to be able to change their bedtime routine, turns out it is just 7 days!

You and your child don’t have to be exhausted and you don’t have to teach your child all on your own. Let me coach and calm you while you coach and calm your child. Changing your bedtime routine is a big change, but it doesn't have to be a hard one. Sleep is only 7 days away!

Child Sleep Consultant Jennie Boone

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Free Session
Child Sleep Consultant

What Well Rested Parents Say

Child Sleep Consultant

Jenny G.

Madisyn, 3.5 years old & Cayden, 1 year old  

We just finished our Tiny Duck Parenting program with Jennie to help our 3.5 year old with bedtime and transitioning to her big girl bed. Bedtime was taking 1-2 hours with screaming and crying. Jennie helped us change our routine, get our daughters room in the optimal setting for sleep and guided us through sleep training. Our daughter now goes to sleep on her own with no crying, we have our nights back and can actually enjoy our time together after our long days. Jennie even helped our 1 year old and now he too falls asleep on his own! We cannot thank Jennie enough for everything she has taught us and shown us to be better parents!

Child Sleep Consultant

Ben P. 

Ryan, 5 years old & Reese, 3 years old 

Jennie is nothing short of a miracle worker. We have two girls (2.5 and 5) that we could NOT keep out of our room at night. We were ready to give up on bedtime in their rooms altogether. Within a few short days of working with Jennie, we completely have our evenings back and bedtime is a breeze! No more 1-2 hour bedtime with kids inevitably ending up in our room anyway. Jennie has completely changed our lives. Everyone in our house sleeps better now, including our girls. However many stars are available for a review score, Jennie gets all of them and then some!

Child Sleep Consultant

Nikki A.

Ben, 2.75 years old & Grant, 9 months old 

Jennie was a miracle worker! Our almost three year old has been waking up a minimum of two times a night since he was born. At 7mo I got a sleep consultant and got nowhere. Recently, he required an hour of cuddling to go to sleep and he still ended up in our bed every night. In a few days with Jennie, this entire cycle was over. Jennie was also able to help with his poop aversion with the potty, and now he’s perfectly potty trained as well!"

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A gentle sleep approach because your toddler is learning something new. 


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